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building control









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 Issues I'm always asked about at the beginning  

 of a project, that need to be addressed but

 shouldn't cause you worry. There is a usual

 process to be followed and I can guide you through

 this with help on:



   - Different steps, what needs to be done

   - The process - don't worry

   - Talking to the Planners - questions to ask

   - Where to find more information online or locally


 Building Control:

   - What you need to know, how to find out

   - Common issues ignored

   - How to work with the process

   - Does your contractor know what he's doing?



   - How to form a cost plan & how to use it

   - Who is best to help with costings



   - How to choose a contractor or trade

   - How to tender & invite prices

   - How to use the right contract for your project


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some of the best bathroom & kitchen taps around

possibly the best door handles & kit available - I have them @ home!

absolute top graphic

designer & the inspiration

behind my website

our favorite contractor &  ECO                            timber frame specialist

the nicest & our favorite

kitchen & interior fit out




wonderful design magazine - you wouldn't think it's from the US

lovely  lovely  place  in

the  French Alps



if you are aged 4-10 just the best party you can have.



when it comes to it Martyn is the best, I've worked with the good ones but he's better........

this is just so clever and it's done by some good folk as well!


                      I work with James for

                                                                          some of the best steel &

                                                                          stairs imaginable


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