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Windmill Rise  YORK      

Allen House  NEWCASTLE  

Private apartment   Goodramgate   YORK  




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 2011 winner York Design Awards

     2010 shortlisted RICS Awards        

ECO apartments   YORK  

Stair mews house   YORK  

Apartments   Bootham YORK  

Garden Studio      East YORKSHIRE  

Zero House    Bootham YORK  

2009 LABC Award Winner  

2007 RICS Award Winner  

Private house   Ogleforth  YORK  


I have included some of my recent projects here.


You will soon be able to take a closer look at each scheme and understand in more detail how each building was created.


I will showcase what the important issues were & how we worked to help the client get the space they needed.    

 2012 shortlisted York Design Awards