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I am going to open an online shop where we can interact with you from the very earliest stages of a project.



Often before we even meet or look at a site with you, there are questions and fundamental issues that need answers.


Initial feasibility can be addressed online, I often look online at sites or properties using web based mapping, Google Earth and Streetview along with other web data to analyse a property and review the potential.


This takes time & if I can approach these tasks & give you meaningful information in a concise manner, it is possible in the early stages of a project to keep your expenditure to a minimum.


By developing an online dialogue, you can send us information, upload plans & details, then I can use my experience, database & access online to professional sites that you may not visit to offer you advice, answers & consultancy.


Usually I charge an hourly rate for initial consultations in this way, here I intend to offer a premium service where the initial fees are discounted - supermarket style 2 for 1 and 20% off for loyalty purchasing, up to a significant project stage such as meetings, site visits, sketch designs and discussions with Planning etc. when a project really gets going.


Let me know what you need to know and how much you want to initially invest in this process and at the moment I'll tailor a fee & relevant input to suit your needs.


Once the website is fully functional & we've had your feedback, I'll put together some standard packages of work to suit, that can then be purchased with a debit card via PayPal online.


Until then fees start at £45 for the 1st hour as 50% reduction or as 2 hours for £90 inclusive of VAT.


A 1st half day of 'online' input will be discounted by 20% inc VAT.


I will issue on request a 'terms & conditions' pdf  there will usually be attendant expenses on any disbursements.


Email me for details & written confirmation of any of these points.





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