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apartments YORK

contemporary open plan apartments in central historic YORK

a new build & refurbishment project where NMD built timber frame modern accommodation for city centre living over the original Viking plot lines in a the tight streets of the city centre

these modern apartments were part of a finger of development that saw the shop fronts on a central historic street refurbished as apartments & with pedestrian/vehicle access through an archway into a tight private courtyard to two new blocks of modern new build apartments

the scheme was designed to avoid invasive exploration/damage in to the deep archaeology across the site

the ground was piled with 150mm dia augured  columns that don't vibrate adjacent listed buildings during installation, topped with a concrete slab table that floated over the site - from this a first floor steel table platform was erected & over this lightweight timber frame panels with a deep insulation fill were erected forming the apartments
high performance factory finish Scandinavian windows & doors came to site, with everything being craned into position in a European type build programme

cedar and self collared render formed the facades - access was by galvanised steel decks & stairs with rain screen cedar louvres - at night the stair towers appear as lanterns over the roofs cape in the city centre
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