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cottage Portgordon MORAY

Planning APPEAL won
NMD steered the appeal to successful conclusion

design development has started on this new project to refurbish a mid 1800's Fisherman's cottage in the historic harbour village of Portgordon on the Moray Firth

we started with an early feasibility study for the client who'd looked at various other properties along the coast, we'd made an analysis of each property, weighing up potential, sketch schemes for layouts & development over laid with refurbishment costs & assessments of planning issues - especially as some were in conservation areas - all part of the client purchase/bid strategy

winning the Planning Appeal subject to minor landscape & planting additions

Portgordon isn't a conservation area, though it has extensive heritage assets, we ran a Pre App planning application with Moray Planning, this allows a confidential approach to test the concepts for renovation & a contemporary approach - a Pre App also benefits as we develop a dialogue with the lead planner 

this has steered the design development to the current form & concept, balancing historic vernacular form with a contemporary response

the intent is to strip back & enhance the core features, textures & materials in the property but firmly incorporate smart energy management, high levels of insulation & breathability into the fabric along with modern build techniques to create a home that embodies a 'rustic contemporary' at the same time as fostering multi-generational living

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