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NMD as a team of designers are as much about what we offer, as about our collaboration with you & other top experts in related fields


- design & manage 

- accurate & professional


delivering results for your project


our story

Nick’s career started as an architecture student designing the 1980’s refurbishment for Lloyds Bank Plc at 102 Grey Street in Newcastle, the Grade II* listed building, built in 1839 for Richard Grainger, forming a large contemporary double height banking hall & a customer business centre on the mezzanine and first floors

With other early career projects as architect team leader for new buildings within the listed buildings for the Oxford Colleges Magdalen & Pembroke whilst working with Maguire & Murray architects, then as the senior architect/project director for Apple computer, building their European headquarters in London & also the central London HQ for the Architectural Review on Roseberry Ave., with Troughton McAslan architects

He has as NMD worked across the UK in National Parks & with listed buildings, extensively for over 30 years within the historic core in York with multi award winning buildings, to currently working with scheduled ancient monuments & listed buildings across the UK 

In the York ‘historic core’ winning Planning Approvals, with Ogleforth House, building the newest house within 150m of York Minster for 250 years, in the precincts of the Grade 2* Dutch House & refurbishing the adjoining Grade 2 Georgian house & also for current contemporary additions to Edge House an historic property in York’s central conservation area - all schemes within the groupings of multiple listed buildings, often sitting over the 15’ deep archaeological assets since the pre Viking era, that form the centre of York - NMD unfolds the solutions to the repurposing & regeneration of important heritage assets in our environment

Nick always brings a team that appraises cost, feasibility, design excellence & sustainability as a bench mark - whilst Nick works one to one with the client on a personal level, as the immediate point of contact & design lead with all agencies.

NMD are currently working in various city centres, historic urban cores & numerous conservation areas & National Parks, a Unesco Geological World Heritage Site & ANOB's.


Redesigning & rejuvenating listed buildings, contributing to commercial buildings, hospitality venues & private housing - all through the current challenging times & fast evolving economy. Designing everything from interiors, furniture, refurbishments & extensions - to complete buildings

Nick is also handling current interventions within scheduled ancient monuments  - working with Historic England & gaining Secretary of State approval for our proposals

NMD have commercial & residential projects in central London, Scotland, Manchester, York, Newcastle - working with cost consultants, surveyors & property experts to offer real time solutions, advice & foresight in the rapidly changing marketplaces - often the design is the solution

NMD was formed in 1990, now with studios in Yorkshire & Moray


think  this is 100% of our job

ask  discover the things you don’t know

be inspired create excitement

collaborate big things aren't done alone

create nearness to need



Magdalen College OXFORD

Apple 001.jpeg

Apple computer HQ LONDON

Roseberry Ave LONDON


Hotel YORK

Pembroke College OXFORD

our team

NMD create modern architecture - whether it's for your own home, a commercial, hospitality or institutional project - we work with private clients, contractors, developers & organisations to guide & develop your project from the outset - bringing quality of thought & action to every small detail

NMD have a track record for creating successful public presentations, formulating your heritage responses & working with you to shape your individual or corporate mission statement - communication & realisation are the same thing

our team is made up of architectural, interior & product designers, offering you identity with your project - we offer cost, construction & management solutions


our collaborative approach draws on professional consultants from across the UK who we've worked with successfully for over 30 yrs & those 'we've just met' with youthful creative passions for structural design, cost planning, environment, planning & delivery

we lead your team




every project needs to be realised

we plan with you the way forward - what you need in a building, design, cost & delivery methods

it's a personal solution, talk to us


NMD have an unbroken record for delivering contemporary buildings in sensitive settings - we work with the planning consultants, conservation professionals & your local authority, developing the solution for your building that can be achieved but is always unique

we don't do mundane - we create outstanding


design is the creation of the exciting within the everyday - everything is designed - from a teaspoon to a notebook, a staircase to a factory

buildings are environment - your environment - they have to nurture & protect, they have to excite & provide

above all we have to enhance life


it's OK designing the fancy exciting architecture - but it has to be built

NMD are construction experts, we know how to traditionally build everyday in the cold & the wet

we start every project looking forward, using contemporary solutions & materials that achieve the best solution for you

adding value


we won't greenwash - we work to exceed energy regulations & offer design solutions to offer you comfort & sustainability

there is a balance between aspiration & reality, we'll guide you to a built form that is responsible & deliverable


this is your project - NMD don't have an unbending 'house style' that we reproduce across every design

we create with you a bespoke solution, introduce you to the unexpected, develop your environment to create a sense of place


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